How to Make Reed Diffusers

How to Make Reed Diffusers

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One of the safest ways to add fragrance to your home is a Reed Diffuser; they're also super easy and quick to make! In this tutorial we will go through step by step how to make a reed diffuser using materials from Craftiful.


It is important that you must check the IFRA document for each fragrance oil (which can be found on the product page) and see what % the oil can be used up to on category 10A. The below method is for the CLP maximum of 25%, the IFRA Category 10A % may be lower so you will need to adjust the ratios accordingly. If the 10A % is below 15% then you are unlikely to get a good scent throw in a Reed Diffuser.

To make a diffuser you will need;

  • A clean glass bottle, ideally one with a wider base to ensure it is stable, and a wide enough neck to allow for around 6-10 reeds. A smaller room will only need a bottle of around 150ml in order to sufficiently fragrance the space, and a larger room may require something a bit bigger (200ml+). 
  • Fragrance oil up to 25% of your total volume. 
  • A dilutent to fill the remaining 75% of the bottle. We recommend augeo clean multi, which is non alcohol based.
  • Reeds; for a smaller bottle we recommend thinner reeds (2mm-3mm), and thicker reeds (3mm+) for larger bottles. Don't worry about length too much, as you can always trim them down if needs be.


Using a glass measuring jug, pour out the suitable amounts of both your fragrance oil and dilutent for your bottle size. (25% Fragrance Oil to 75% Augeo) Mix these thoroughly (we recommend at least 2 minutes of constant stirring at least!) to ensure the scent and carrier are well combined, then it's as easy as carefully pouring this mixture into your bottle! We recommend wearing gloves and using a funnel to ensure that no liquid gets on your skin, as its quite concentrated and could cause an allergic reaction depending on the fragrance oil used. Finally, take around 6-10 of your selected reeds, and pop them into the bottle! If they seem too long, simply trim them before putting them in.

And its as easy as that! If you want to make more (we don't blame you!) and share them with friends or customers, then you'll have to get some CLP's before you can; they are a legal requirement! But don't worry, here at Craftiful we offer customised CLP's for all of the fragrances that we sell, so you don't have to stress over technicalities and can focus on the fun bits! 

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