How to Make a Candle

How to Make a Candle

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So you want to make a candle? This guide will take you through the process step by step, leaving you with your very own handmade candle to be proud of!

You will need:

  • Wax of your choice; Typically, a 30cl container can hold approximately 220g of wax. Here at Craftiful, we offer multiple weights of wax for you to choose from depending on how many candles you fancy making! Different types of wax behave differently, so if you're not sure which type is best for you, we have this handy wax guide to give you a bit of guidance!
  • A wick; wicks come in a variety of sizes and materials, and which one you need depends on which type of wax you're using. It's best to research and this step ahead of time to be safe and sure!
  • Fragrance oil of your choice; Craftiful have you covered for all your candle making needs, including over 300 fragrance oils for you to pick from, whatever your mood might be! 
  • Mica powders/glitters (optional); We also have a large range of visual additions you can add to your creations to make them extra jazzy; sparkles, shimmers, every colour of the rainbow to choose from!


  • Before we get to the fun bit, we have to get the prep out of the way. First things first, we have to attach the wick to the base of the container. Aim to centre it as best you can to avoid a sooty, lopsided burn at the end.
  • Measuring the wax and fragrance oil; Prepare for a bit of maths... each type of wax will only hold a certain amount of oil, so its best to do your research and look for information from the manufacturer of your particular wax. However, the general rule of thumb tends to be that for your container size, 10% of that figure can be added in fragrance oil. For example, a 30cl container holds 220g of wax and oil; 10% of 220g is 22g, so its safe to add 22g of oil and fill the remaining space (220-22=198g) with wax.
  • Melting! There are multiple methods you can use to melt your wax, many of which are already available in your kitchen. One easy method is popping your pre-measured wax and oil into a glass bowl, and then partially submerging that in a pot of water over the hob to provide a consistent heat. However if you use this method, be extra careful not to allow any water to get into your wax and oil mixture; wax and water don't get on!  Another method is to use a slow cooker; However this method should only be used with a brand new slow cooker which has not and will not be used for food. You could also use your microwave, but this only works with particular waxes so make sure to check before attempting. Melting points vary with each wax, so again remember to research your wax and go slowly to ensure you don't burn the mixture! Its best to stop heating it once its mostly liquid but still has a small amount of solid wax present, to allow the residual heat to melt everything evenly without overcooking it.
  • Once your wax and oil are nicely melted and combined, its time to pour! Exercise caution here, and make sure to wear protective items such as heatproof gloves to keep yourself safe from burns and scalds. Go slow and pour carefully into your container, leaving about 10mm of space below the rim.
  • As tempting as it is to burn your candle as soon as it appears to have solidified, try your best to wait for about 48 hours to allow your candle to properly cure! Keep it somewhere at room temperature to ensure a steady curing process.
  • Once your candle has cured, its time for the last step; trimming the wick. Generally its best to trim the wick to about 10mm, and no higher than the edge of your container. 

And you're done! Relax and enjoy burning your very own lovingly hand crafted candle!

If you want to share your new creations, you'll have to get some CLP's first; they are a legal requirement! But don't worry, Craftiful have you covered - We offer customised CLPs for all the fragrances we sell, so you don't have to stress! Visit Magic CLPs, our sister company, to order your CLP's!

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