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How can I start a wax melt business?

Paige McCaig ·

So you have asked the question in Google and landed here! 

Opening a wax melt business is a great way to make a bit of extra dosh, work from home or even start a hobby. Many people find making wax melts relaxing. If you're a fellow crafter you can put all of your skills in to creating your amazing products using mica powders for the added glitz, glitters (our personal favourite part) and lots of different moulds, clamshells and other products to really focus your creative side. 

You might be thinking right now, I like the sound of running a wax melt business but it just seems overwhelming. Well you have come to the right place! Here at Craftiful we supply everything you need to get started (YAY!) 


Where do I start?

Find reliable suppliers - At Craftiful we can help with everything you may need from wax, colouring, glitter and your all important legal CLP labels. You can start making from your kitchen and even use your hob to melt the wax - winner. It's a great business to grow at your own pace. Once you have outgrown your hob you can move on to a slow cooker or a buffalo soup kettle and then on to professional wax vats. They all do the same job, the latter just allows for larger quantities. 

Deciding on Scents can be super hard. There are so many and who knows what your customer might want!? Top tip is to start with scents that you like, why not buy some 50ml fragrance oil samples from Craftiful and give them all a sniff and a test in your chosen wax to choose your perfect scents. 

Time to make a website!

Now you’re ready to start selling – but how? You have a few options, you can sell to friends and family on social media, you can sell on platforms like etsy or open a website. We would recommend the website option as this means you can make sales 24/7! You can use platforms like big cartel and shopify to start. 

All things legal

CLP LABELS, CLP LABELS, CLP LABELS. These are the most important part of this blog. You cannot sell or giveaway wax melts without these (it's illegal) luckily at Craftiful we can take care of all of this for you as all of our oils come with free CLP labels. We have the legal part covered so you can concentrate on your creativity. 

Just remember, you've got this and you can do it! 

Managing Director


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