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How To Sell Wax Melts Legally

Paige McCaig ·


How to sell wax melts legally 

So you've got the wax melt bug and have decided that it's the right time to start selling but aren't sure what you need to do legally? We got you! 

First familiarise yourself with your local trading standards. They are there to answer any questions you may have. They normally charge but will often answer quick questions for free. You can check out your local office here -



Insurance is there to protect your business and your customers. It isn't a legal requirement when selling wax melts however it is certainly recommended. Take a look at craft insurance companies. Direct Line & Ian Wallace insure a lot of wax melt companies and it's often just a few quid a month. 



On your website it is a legal requirement to have your business name, address and VAT number (if applicable). Most have this information on the website footer. 


Melts that look like food. 

We have all seen the amazing candles that look like ice cream sundaes but can we sell these? Unfortunately in the UK you must not sell any product that looks like or takes the form of food without an official bite test being done. If you are making a strawberry scented melt avoid colours or shapes that could make a child think that the melt could be food. Writing DO NOT EAT will not cover you in this instance as a child may not be able to read. 


Custom Blends

You have been making a while and fancy making some original oils? It's a great idea but it's important to note that you cannot mix oils together and sell without a new SDS & CLP label being created for the new scent you have made. 


CLP Labels 

CLP labels are a legal requirement when selling or giving away any wax melts, candles/ scented items. Its important not to mix CLP labels up with safety labels. CLP labels will have your specific scent on them, your business name, business address and phone number where a generic safety label will not contain this. All of our oils come with free CLP labels or these can be purchased at


I hope this has helped! Good luck in your new venture.



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