How to Make Wax Melts

How to Make Wax Melts

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I joined the Craftiful team about a month back, and ever since, I've had the opportunity to get to make some wax melts, candles, and perfumes. It's been really cool getting to understand the daily lives of our customers and what they face in their small businesses and, at the same time, creating things that we can showcase in pictures.

During that week, we got our new Mini Eggs fragrance oil in. The plan was to make some wax melts shaped like eggs in all these bright, cheerful colours. With the help of an expert, it was a breeze, and I've got to say, they were straightforward and really fun to make!

Our first step was to melt down the Kerasoy Pillar wax, making sure we had enough to make at least 6 wax melts. Once that was all liquid, we put in the Mini Eggs fragrance oil. The fragrance oil needed to be 10% of the wax. So, if we had 100g of wax, we put in 10g of the fragrance oil.

It was time to bring in some colour. We chose purple, blue, and pink and because we knew we were going to be taking pictures with these, we used bright glitter inside the moulds before pouring, giving our wax melts that extra pop.

And then came time to pour the wax into the moulds. Due to the temperature of the room when we were making them in, they went hard very quickly so we had to work fast.

We also tried a double pour, to see what sort of affect we could get in the moulds. Again, we had to work really fast. 

The final product turned out amazing! And the whole warehouse smelt like Mini Eggs, but no one was complaining.


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