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Our Top 10 Christmas Scents

Paige McCaig ·

Are you ready for the winter season?

Here’s some information on our top 10 Christmas scents, including new and existing scents. Whatever your taste, our Fragrance Oils have something for everyone! We’ve also included a simple how to use guide for you for wax melts, candles and reed diffusers.


Christmas scents are popular and used during the holiday season by many. The best Christmas scents evoke the cozy, warm feeling of the holiday season. Cinnamon and nutmeg are classic scents that embody the spicy and sweet aroma of baked goods and desserts. A Christmas scent typically includes notes of pine, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other warm spices. Pine and cedar are also popular, bringing the fresh, woody scent of Christmas trees into the home. Clove and orange create a warm, inviting atmosphere with their sweet and tangy aroma. And let's not forget peppermint, the refreshing and invigorating scent that brings to mind candy canes and hot cocoa.

Our fragrance oils can be used in a variety of products such as wax melts, candles, diffusers, and lotions, to make your home feel festive and cozy for the Christmas season.

Whether your wax melt making, soap making, candle making or reed diffuser making, our Christmas fragrance oil collection will inspire you this festive season.

Our top 10 bestselling Christmas scents for the cold season. Christmas collection must haves! Perfect for your wax melts, soaps, candles and diffusers.

(All the scents bellow have the link attached to take you to our website)

Candy Cane

Top notes of orange, peppermint, cream & sugar. 

All is bright

A Festive blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk. With top notes of Grapefruit & Orange, Middle notes of fruity Redcurrant and a base of sweet musk.  

Apple cinnamon

An edible smelling fruity spicy accord with top notes of apple leading to a heart of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and musk.

Holly jolly Christmas

A sweet, fruity accord with notes of red apple, pear, rhubarb and nectarine with hints of sweet cinnamon, caramelised sugar and vanilla in the base.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

A rich spicy oriental fragrance with notes of warm cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger complemented by precious woods, creamy vanilla and nuances of smoky tobacco.

Tinsel in a twist

A sparkling fruity medley where a dash of lime uplifts mulled pear and cranberries, muddled with a touch of alcohol, softened by vanilla, musk and amber hints.


A delicious spicy gingerbread fragrance with sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and vanilla followed by a hint of ground almond.  

Ginger spice & all things nice

A freshly baked gingerbread aroma opening with top notes of rich warm spicy ginger, blended with mouthwatering notes of cinnamon, orange, buttery biscuit and a whisper of sweet sugary vanilla.

Frosted Christmas Cookie

This soft creamy edible smelling accord opens with buttery cookie dough, followed by frosted sugary icing and hints of Christmas spice, all resting on a base of rich vanilla.

Merry Elfin Christmas

A colourful explosion of red fruits, cinnamon, ginger and winter mint combined with sweet popcorn, melted chocolate and whirls of candyfloss resting upon musk and vetivert hints.

Our new Christmas scents launched this year – all worth adding to your Christmas collection!

Happy holly days, Mince pie highs, Naughty or nice, Frosted Christmas cookie, Snow is falling, Footprints in the snow, Crimson cranberry sparkler, Bah humbug, Winter wonderland, Frosty the snowman, Merry elfin Christmas, Oh Christmas tree.

We have Christmas themed moulds available to order on our website. Please have a look at our mica powders and glitters, these are perfect to add to your product to make it festive.

A simple how to use guide

We recommend adding anywhere between 5 and 10% of our fragrance oils to your product depending on your desired effect. Please remember to check the IFRA document on each fragrance oil, to ensure you are using safe usage levels for your product.

Please note: All scents naturally are of slightly different strengths when in your finished product. We recommend testing each scent and deciding your desired percentage. 

How to make a wax melt

You will need your selected wax (we sell a few different types), a fragrance oil of your choice, dye, or mica powder (if desired), a melting pot, a thermometer, and a mould.

First, melt the wax in the melting pot. Once the temperature reaches around 180-185°F, add in the fragrance oil (and dye, if using). Don’t forget to add your selected glitter to the mould first, then pour the mixture into the mould and let it cool for a few hours. Once the wax has hardened, pop it out of the mould and enjoy!

How to make a basic candle

You will need wax, wicks, and a container. Melt the wax in a double boiler on low heat until it is completely liquid. Insert the wick into the container and secure it in place. Pour the melted wax into the container and let it cool and solidify. Trim the wick to about ¼ inch and your candle is ready to use. To add colour or fragrance, you can add dye or essential oils to the melted wax before pouring it into the container.

How to make a reed diffuser

You will need a slender glass jar, a carrier oil (like sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil), essential oils of your preference, and bamboo reeds. Begin by adding about 1/4 cup of carrier oil to the jar, followed by 10-20 drops of essential oils. Mix it well with a chopstick or spoon and place the bamboo reeds in the jar.

We hope our guide has inspired your Christmas Craftiful imagination!

In conclusion, our top selling fragrance oil Christmas scents, embody the essence and warmth of the holiday season. From cozy and comforting notes of cinnamon and vanilla to the refreshing aromas of pine and peppermint, these scents will delight your senses and create a festive atmosphere in every home. Whether you prefer traditional or modern scents, our collection has something for everyone. Our delightful scents will get anyone into the holiday spirit!

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